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​In their own words

Teenagers involved in the Youth Project of the Instituto Nazionale Tumori (Milan) sharing their stories from diagnostic pathway, treatment and life out of hospital.


​The B.Livers - Nuvole di ossigeno - videolyric (english)

A song created by teenagers of the Youth Project of the Instituto Nazionale Tumori (Milan).


​Stephen's Story - When life gives you cancer

Stephen Sutton (19) had been battling cancer since the age of 15. In January 2013, after finding out his cancer was incurable, Stephen made a Facebook page called "Stephen's Story" where he frequently updated followers of his daily events and accomplishments from his 'bucket-list'. Since creating the page Stephen has raised millions of pounds in an attempt to help others and in this process he has inspired thousands with his positivity and passion for life.



Jimmyteens and jimmyteens radio

Jimmy Teens TV provided teenage cancer patients with cameras to give them the opportunity to document their experiences. Jimmy Teens TV is now shown in 17 different UK hospitals and there are over 900 films available on the website. Teenagers can also tune in to Jimmy Teens Radio 'on the go' using their iPhone App - JTV Radio iPhone App. 12 young people previously affected by cancer now work for the project throughout the country.


​CLIC Sargent

CLIC Sargent aims to offer help and support to children with cancer. They also offer information on 'what is going on in your area' and 'how to organise fundraising and events'. More information can be found here



​Conner Meek

This video was made by student Connor Meek, who sadly passed away on Friday 23rd November 2012. Featuring Kristie, Sean, Kayleigh and Layla - who have all experienced cancer at a young age. Interview on the important role that 'Teenage Cancer Trust' provides by Teenage Nurse Specialist Liz Watt, at Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre, Glasgow.

City of Glasgow College 


The Teenage Cancer Trust

This website provides extensive information about support networks, upcoming events, young people’s stories to name a few, see links below for more information.



YouTube Channels

YouTube offers an extensive range of channels on teenage cancer specific topics. These include a range of blogs and stories to Teenage Cancer Trust hosted events, to name a few.

 Teenage Cancer Trust

 Teenage Cancer Trust - Topic

North East Teenage Cancer Trust Band


 Let's Rock Cancer

 MyCharityPage TeenageCancerTrust


 The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust




Youth Cancer Trust YCT