Project Management Team

​The ENCCA Project Management Team (PMT) is the main body responsible for the operational management as well as the implementation of the scientific and technical activities. The PMT is composed of the Project Coordinator, Project Manager, Dissemination Manager and the three Activity Coordinators.


Ladenstein, Ruth

​The Project Coordinator together with the Project Manager is responsible for the technical, financial and administrative management of ENCCA, according to the contractual guidelines.

Dobai, Zoltán

The Project Manager works closely with the Project Coordinator assuming responsibility for the financial and administrative management of ENCCA on a day-to-day basis.

Andrade, Nuno

​The International Grant Manager closely supports the Project Management Team in the technical, financial and administrative management of ENCCA.

Office, SIOPE

The Dissemination Manager leads the communication activities and the awareness-raising initiatives of the project. The ‘Dissemination Manager’ role is led by the SIOPE office. Namely tasks are shared between Samira Essiaf (WP 14 Leader, SIOPE Secretary General, ECCO Scientific Programme Manager), Francesco Florindi (SIOPE-ECCO Public Affairs Coordinator) and Giulia Petrarulo (SIOPE Communication Administrator). 



The Activity Coordinators are responsible for monitoring their respective area of activity and coordinating the progress of the tasks and achievements in their respective areas.


Vassal, Gilles

​Integrating Activities Coordinator

Schrappe, Martin

​Joint Research Activities Coordinator

Pritchard-Jones, Kathy

​Spread of Excellence Coordinator