The mission of ENCCA is to efficiently structure and enhance collaboration within the field of paediatric oncology in Europe.

To achieve this mission, ENCCA will limit knowledge fragmentation and improve communication channels by bringing together existing informal paediatric and adolescent oncology clinical trial groups, integrating all relevant stakeholders, their expertise and viewpoints to ensure that the project is all-encompassing while remaining patient-centred.

Finally, ENCCA will also create a sustainable "European Virtual Institute" for clinical and translational research in childhood and adolescent cancers.


ENCCA will achieve its ambitious goal by:

  • Promoting innovative methodologies and designs for clinical trials
  • Improving substantially the quality-of-life of children and adolescents with cancer, with particular emphasis on long term treatments side effects
  • Proposing common ethical definitions, monitoring ethical issues present in the implementation of the European clinical research agenda
  • Providing a comprehensive education and training programme, enhancing research mobility and sustainable clinical trial design and information to benefit patients and their families