How to reset your Microsoft Account Password for ENCCA Intranet

Can't access to ENCCA Intranet? Please follow the steps in this HowTo to reset your password.
1.    Click on “Intranet” -> "Sign In"

2.    Click on “Can’t access your account?”

3.    Select the option "I forgot my password" and click on "Next"

4.    Enter your encca account name like "", the characters you see and click on "Next"
5.    Select the first option to get your security code by Email and verify the email address by entering the first part of your encca account name like "firstname.lastname". Click on "Send code" to get your code by Email
6.    Enter your security code you have been received by Email and click "Next"
7.    Enter the new password, reenter it and click on "Next"
8. Now you can sign in with your new password