ENCCA Work Package 7 has developed 42 SOPs for handling and analysing osteosarcoma samples, that you can find here below

SOP 01 - Fixing and embedding cultured cells in paraffin using cytoblock

SOP 02 - RNA isolation from bone tumour tissue

SOP 03 - RNA in situ hybridisation

SOP 16 - Tissue array constrution

SOP 17 - Agilent BioAnalyzer

SOP 18 - PNA hybridisation hTERT and PML IF

SOP 19 - Puregene DNA isolation

SOP 20 - Quantitative telomerase activity

SOP 24 - Decalcification of tissue containing bone

SOP 25 - freezing tumor material

SOP 26 - Western blot

SOP 27 - RT-PCR assay for 90 protein tyrosin kinases

SOP 29-2 - DNA isolation from frozen tissue and cultured cells

SOP 33 - Isolation of RNA for miRNA experiments

SOP 34 - Agilent miRNA hybridisation

SOP 36 - Fugene HD transfection and luciferase assay

SOP 39 - DNA isolation from FFPE material for aCGH


Protocol template for clinical trials:

Please find here a protocol template developed within the SIOPE/ENCCA network, which provides the minimum information required for clinical trials. The template also contains instructions to properly wrote the relevant information when developing a protocol, to ensure that all the minimum requirements are met.

For the Word version of the template, please contact the SIOPE office (office<at>siope.eu, please replace <at> with @). Please give us your feedback when using the template, as this is important for us to improve it.