Scientific Papers



G. Vassal, M. Schrappe, et al., The SIOPE Strategic Plan: A European Cancer Plan for Children and Adolescents, SIOPE, Brussels, Belgium (presented at European Cancer Congress 2015 and SIOP Congress 2015)

R. Ladenstein, M. Schrappe, K. Pritchard-Jones, Gilles Vassal, et al, ENCCA – European Activities and Achievements with Potential Interest Outside of Europe, SIOP Congress 2015


R. Ladenstein, M. Schrappe, K. Pritchard-Jones, Gilles Vassal, et al, Major Achievements of the European Network for Cancer Research in Children and Adolescents, SIOP Congress 2014

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Segura V, Schleiermacher G, Ambros P, Di Cataldo A, Bermúdez J et al., LINES as a paradigm of risk-adapted therapies using prognostic biomarkers: a SIOPEN trial, Congress 'European CanCer Congress' 2013, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 2013

Segura V, Alspach A, Di Cataldo A, et al., LINES: European low and intermediate risk neuroblastomoa (a SIOPEN study), International symposium 'Paediatric Cancer Research at the INTERFACE', Vienna, Austria, June 2013

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I.M. Ambros, C. Brunner et al., Genomic background of neuroblastomas with intra-tumor heterogeneity of MYCN amplification, Children’s Cancer Research Institute, Tumor Biology Group, Vienna, Austria.


ENCCA Abstracts presented at SIOP Congress 2014 (Toronto, CA):

NameType of pres.Title
Project Coordinator
Ruth Ladenstein
Poster presentation'Major achievements of the European Network for Cancer research in Children and Adolescents (ENCCA)'
Martin Schrappe
Poster presentation'Improved therapeutic strategies using predictive biomarkers in paediatric ALL: An activity within the EU network ENCCA to introduce newly discovered molecular information into clinical practice'
Adela Cañete Nieto
Poster presentation'How the European Clinical Trial Directive impacts trial implementation: LINES, on behalf of SIOPEN cooperative Group'
Arun Atreiya Rangaswami, Piotr Czauderna
Oral presentation'Development of a novel web-based consultation service for a paediatric rare tumor: The SIOPEL Clinician Online Consultation Service'
Riccardo Haupt, Chiara Dellacasa, Sabine Karner, Leontien Kremer, Christophe Bergeron, Silvia Caruso, Davide Saraceno, Roderick Skinner, Vera Morsellino, Lars Hjorth
e-poster'The Survivorship Passport for long-term care of childhood cancer survivors. An  initiative of the European Network for research on Cancer in Children and Adolescents (ENCCA)'
Richard Feltbower
Poster presentation

1. 'Are we looking in the right place? A study of time to diagnosis of cancer in children and young adults within Yorkshire secondary care services', C Lethaby, SE Kinsey, SV Picton, M van Laar, R Phillips, RG Feltbower.

2. 'Missing data and survival analysis of central nervous system tumours amongst children and adolescents in Yorkshire, UK, 1990-2009', M van Laar, DC Greenwood, DP Stark, RG Feltbower.

Jean-Claude Dupont
Poster and oral presentation1. Oral presentation in the ICCCPO program: 'Nothing about you without you!: Parents´ and Patients´ views on clinical trials and bio-banks. Results from the EU-FP7 ENCCA project, and lessons for the future'
2. Poster: 'Working together on ethics: Ethical deliberations involving professionals as well as patients´ and parents´ representatives. Lessons and Results from the EU-FP7 ENCCA project'

Scientific Articles:


6 March 2016: K. Pritchard-Jones et al., Evidence for a delay in diagnosis of Wilms’ tumour in the UK compared with Germany: implications for primary care for children, Arch Dis Child doi:10.1136/archdischild-2015-309212

18 January 2016: H. Kovar et al., The second European interdisciplinary Ewing sarcoma research summit – A joint effort to deconstructing the multiple layers of a complex disease, Oncotarget, Advance Publications 2016, pp. 1-12


21 December 2015: J. Carretier, et al. A Review of Health Behaviors in Childhood and Adolescent Cancer Survivors: Toward Prevention of Second Primary Cancer, Journal of Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology (JAYAO)

15 December 2015:
Piotr Czauderna et al., The Children's Hepatic tumors International Collaboration (CHIC): Novel global rare tumor database yields new prognostic factors in hepatoblastoma and becomes a research model, EJC, January 2016, Volume 52, Pages 92–101

10 December 2015: Rebora P, Galimberti S, Valsecchi MG, Using multiple timescale models for the evaluation of a time-dependent treatment, Stat Med. 34(28), pp 3648-60

26 November 2015: D. Hayn, Piloting the European Patient Identity Management (EUPID) concept to facilitate Secondary Use of Neuroblastoma Data from Clinical Trials and Biobanking, Abstracts of the 4th Neuroblastoma Research Symposium

November 2015: Koumakis, L.; Potamias, G.; Marias, K.; Tsiknakis, M., An algorithmic approach for the effect of transcription factor binding sites over functional gene regulatory networks, in Bioinformatics and Bioengineering (BIBE), 2015 IEEE 15th International Conference on , vol., no., pp.1-6, 2-4 Nov. 2015, doi: 10.1109/BIBE.2015.7367662

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July 2015: L. Hjorth et al., 'Survivorship after childhood cancer: PanCare: A European Network to promote optimal long-term care', EJC, Volume 51, Issue 10, Pages 1203–1211

18 June 2015: 'Architecture for an Advanced Biomedical Collaboration Domain for the European Paediatric Cancer Research Community (ABCD-4-E)', Michael Nitzlnader, Markus Falgenhauer, Christian Gossy, Günter Schreier, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, Volume 212: eHealth2015 – Health Informatics Meets eHealth

18 June 2015: 'Standardized Data Sharing in a Paediatric Oncology Research Network – A Proof-of-Concept Study' , Nina Hochedlinger, Michael Nitzlnader, Markus Falgenhauer, Stefan Welte, Dieter Hayn, Lefteris Koumakis, George Potamias, Manolis Tsiknakis, Davide Saraceno, Eugenia Rinaldi, Ruth Ladenstein, Günter Schreier, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
Volume 212: eHealth2015 – Health Informatics Meets eHealth, 27-34

June 2015: E. Steliarova-Foucher et al., 'Registration of childhood cancer: Moving towards pan-European coverage?', EJC, Volume 51, Issue 9, Pages 1064-1079

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April 2015: M Izzo, G Arnulfo, MC Piastra, V Tedone, L Varesio, MM Fato, XTENS – A JSON-based Digital Repository for Biomedical Data Management, Bioinformatics and Biomedical engineering,
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September 2014:

12 August 2014: I. M. Ambros, C. Brunner, R. Abbasi, C. Frech and P. F. Ambros, Ultra-high density SNParray in neuroblastoma molecular diagnostics, Front Oncol. 2014; 4: 202. doi: 10.3389/fonc.2014.00202

July 2014:

24 June 2014: M. Wilhelm, D. Stark et al., ENCCA WP17-WP7 consensus paper on teenagers and young adults (TYA) with bone sarcomas, Annals of Oncology, 00: 1–, 2014, doi:10.1093/annonc/mdu153

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1 February 2014: C. Kennedy et al. on behalf of the PNET4 study group of the SIOPE Brain Tumour Group, Quality of Survival and Growth in Children and Young Adults in the PNET4 European Controlled Trial of Hyperfractionated Versus Conventional Radiation Therapy for Standard-Risk Medulloblastoma, Interntional Journal of Radiation Oncology, Volume 88, Issue 2, Pages 292–300

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