​Press Corner


26 September 2015: SIOPE/ECCO Press Release 'Childhood cancers in Europe: progress has been made, but much remains to be done, says major report' (European Cancer Congress 2015)

4 February 2015: SIOPE Press release ‘The EU Data Protection Regulation and the Need for better Childhood Cancer Outcomes‘ (International Childhood Cancer Day 2015)


January 2014: M. Gantschacher, Clinical Research in 2013: Burning issues - Abstracts of the ENCCA Symposium in Vienna, 6th of June 2013 at the SFU, Health Law and Science, Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna

July 2014:

18 February 2014: SIOPE Press Release Manifesto for Paediatric Oncology endorsed at SIOPE European Parliament event (International Childhood Cancer Day 2014)

15 February 2014: SIOPE Press Release ‘Let’s fight against health inequalities on International Childhood Cancer Day 2014 (15 February)(International Childhood Cancer Day 2014)


5 December 2013: Press Release EUROCARE event and Lancet Oncology article: “More has to be done to enhance cure and quality of cure for children and adolescents with cancer in Europe, study shows

30 September 2013:

August 2013: Survivorship Passport: Wichtiges Tool für Nachsorge von KinderkrebspatientInnen in Entwicklung,Sonne, the Journal of Kinderkrebshilfe Austria, 3/13, page 8

6-9 June 2013: G. Schreier, M. Nitzlnader, R. Ladenstein,  Information and communications technologies (ICT) - an essential facilitator of interdisciplinary paediatric cancer research, Paediatric Cancer Research at the INTERFACE, Abstract #S7.3

20 February 2013: International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day 2013 "The EU Clinical Trials Regulation: Improving clinical research for children and adolescents in Europe?"



October 2012: G. Vassal: A paediatric priority, Public Service Review 24

June 2012: S. Rana: A new era in paediatric oncology?, EJC June 2012

June 2012: M. Murawski: Międzynarodowe spotkanie onkologów dziecięcych (Gdańsk International Paediatric Liver Tumours Consensus Meeting in Conjunction with Annual SIOPEL Spring Meeting and ENCCA WP12 Group Meeting), Gazeta AMG nr 6/2012, 12-13

28 March 2012: R. Ladenstein, P. Kearns: Regulate to medicate, Public Service Review European Union 2012, Issue 23

29 February 2012: Press_Release HeadSmart child brain tumour awareness initiative launched in Europe

07 February 2012: Press Release International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day 2012


30 November 2011: R. Ladenstein, D. Walker, G. Vassal: Trial, treat, triumph, Public Service Review European Union, Issue 22

12 July 2011: EP Workshop on Rare Cancers: The Added Value of Closer Cooperation

12 April 2011: St. Anna launches EU initiative in the fight against cancer in children - St. AnnaKinderkrebsforschung's press release, Hotels Bristol und Imperial, Vienna, April 2011

March / April 2011: R. Ladenstein: Raising standards of care for our young patients, Cancer World, CoverStory

10 February 2011: Launch of the European Clinical Research Council - SIOPE's Community Newsletter, February 2011, Issue 9

9 February 2011: K. Pritchard Jones et al.: The state of research into children with cancer across Europe: new policies for a new decade, eCancer, 2011, Volume 5, Art. 210
9 February 2011: International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day 2011, press release

February 2011: R. Ladenstein: Childhood Cancer Awareness Day: SIOPE addresses burning issues at EU Parliament on February 9 and promotes FP7-funded project ENCCA, The Parliament Magazine, Issue 321
February 2011: R. Ladenstein: EU Profile: Fighting childhood cancer at EU level, Public Service Review European Union, Issue 21

13-14 January 2011: ENCCA Kick-off Meeting, Brussels, Belgium - SIOPE's Community Newsletter, February 2011, Issue 9

01-02 December 2011: ENCCA General Assembly Meeting Year I, Vienna, Austria - SIOPE's Community Newsletter, December 2011, Issue 11

02-03 December 2011: 3rd European Clinical Research Council (ECRC) Meeting for Paediatric Oncology, Vienna, Austria - SIOPE's Community Newsletter, December 2011, Issue 11